The Lacuna Expanse consists of 119,800 stars that can be orbited by the following types of bodies:

  • planets (habitable, cannot be mined on, can be excavated on, movable) size 30-75
  • asteroids (not habitable, can be mined on, can be excavated on, movable) size 0-20
  • gas giants (habitable, cannot be mined on, cannot be excavated on, unmovable) size 70-121
  • space stations (artificial habitable planets but do not count as colonies, movable) size 3-90

Position of orbiting bodies in relation to star position:

  • Orbit 1: X+1,Y+2
  • Orbit 2: X+2,Y+1
  • Orbit 3: X+2,Y-1
  • Orbit 4: X+1,Y-2
  • Orbit 5: X-1,Y-2
  • Orbit 6: X-2,Y-1
  • Orbit 7: X-2,Y+1
  • Orbit 8: X-1,Y+2

Click here to download a CSV file with a complete list of stars on US1.

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