The Lacuna Expanse uses ChiselChat to connect players for real-time text chat.

Available chat commands Edit

  • /planet posts name, coordinates, zone of currently visited colony in chat
  • /wiki posts URL for wiki page in chat
  • /leave closes currently active chat window
  • /whoami shows name, alliance membership, status (not in chat)
  • /me shows your name followed by your message in chat
  • /help shows available chat commands

Another useful feature is hitting [CTRL]+[ENTER] to start a new line instead of posting seperate lines with [ENTER] only.

Custom Avatars Edit

Specifying a custom avatar for requires you to have a Gravatar account registered with the same e-mail address as for The Lacuna Expanse.

Sign-up on is for free and lets you add files from your local storage or an URL. It is important to choose an image that meets the G rating (concerning audience types). After having added an image successfully, it may take some minutes for Gravatar to update.

In order to make sure to see it on The Lacuna Expanse as well, refresh the chat page and clear your web browser's cache. In case your new image does not show up after 15 minutes, make sure that your profile information includes a valid e-mail address (menu profile>player), verify your Gravatar settings and possibly re-upload the same file again due to technical reasons.

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