Zones are areas that divide the Expanse.

  • The Lacuna Expanse has its borders at -1500 and +1500 for x and y each
  • Its inner size (where celestial bodies are located) goes from -1499 via 0 to +1499 what equals a size of 2999
  • Zones follow a base grid of 12x12 squares within the actual Expanse what means that 250 units lie between the opposite borders but certain zones are twice as long or/and twice as high (see following map). There is a total of 121 zones.
  • Since the central zone has its borders at -249 and +249, its adjacent zones begin at -250 and +250. Any other border is located at an additional whole-number multiple of 250

[insert map here]

Significant zones are:

  • the four Starter Zones at 1|1, -1|1, -1|-1, 1|-1
  • the Central Zone at 0|0
  • the Neutral Zone at -3|0
  • zone 5|5 where capitals of some AI empires are located (namely Sābēn Demesne, Trelvestian Sveitarfélagi,Diablotin)

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